The staff at Creekside Dental really make you feel like family

    N. Woods

    I love the that the dental chairs are heated with massages. It helps me to relax! I love and appreciate how they manage to go above and beyond the standard dental practice and ensure patients at their facility leave with an experience like no other!

    B. Moses

    This office does not need to change anything. Every visit is always amazing!

    L. Goodnight

    Dr Hardwick provided exceptional care once again as always. Her professional and caring attitude and approach has really helped me overcome my dental fears from years back, although that may sound elementary. As a result I feel comfortable ensuring that my appointments are kept and that maintaining healthy teeth are at the top of my priorities. The staff is great and always cheerful and polite as well. Thanks for building my trust in dentistry. I don't think I can trust another group other than Creekside Dental.....STAY IN BUSINESS!!!

    E. Simmons

    I have THE BEST dental experience ever!

    P. Ferguson

    The customer service far exceeded my expectations. Thanks for having a safe environment during this COVID-19 pandemic.

    M. Robinson

    The level of professionalism and customer service is the best in the industry. This office is AMAZING!

    C. Barnes

    The kindness of Dr. Deas and the hygienist puts me at ease to get all my treatment done.

    D. Johnson-Blake

    Everyone is always so professional and friendly. I'm always treated with respect and I know that I'm in good hands. I have had nothing but great patient experiences. As long as I'm located in this area they'll be my dental health office. Dr Deas and his entire staff are tremendous at what they do, working beautifully as a team and taking excellent care of their patients. Creekside Dental gets a 5 star rating!

    M. Rutkiewicz

    I truly love that the staff is always laughing and smiling. This is truly the happiest place in Douglasville. This staff has mastered how to work together as a TEAM!

    T. Quander

    The dentist's office is not the chosen place to hang out, but there's a spirit in the CreekSide Dental office, that lessens the anxiety of being there.

    R. Rice

    This is the friendliest office I have ever been to. Great conversations with Dr. Deas. They do an exceptional job handling all my dental needs.

    J. Briddell

    Before beginning my hygienic process, Courtney my hygienist asked, is there anything she can do for me to make the experience 'more comfortable'? Empathy and anticipating her patient's needs made me feel better -more relaxed in the treatment chair.

    M. Rutledge

    The non-traditional items that you offered made my experience exceptional - warm towels, massage chair, blanket, and a rose. Just a superb experience

    T. Morgan

    The best part of my last appointment was leaving the dental office and feeling as if I just left my family. Dr. Deas & his staff are the warmest & kindest people I have ever known. They are very professional! Believe me, I am not the one to be excited about going to the dentist. Prior to coming to Creekside Dental, my blood pressure would rise due to anxiety. Now, I get excited to come to Creekside Dental. My beautiful smile tells it all! I am so thankful to Dr. Deas and his wonderful staff for creating my amazing smile

    A. Adkins

    I've regretted going to the dentist for a few years based on previous experiences. From the moment I walked in I was very impressed. The staff, each and everyone I encountered, overheard in other areas or on the phone were very friendly, professional, and pleasant. I look forward to my next visit and would encourage anyone else who is looking for the right dentist to visit Creekside Dental.

    Scott B, Douglasville, GA

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